Jim Glennon

Jim joined Opening Doors London as Training and Consultancy Manager following 20 years delivering training and consultancy services for local authorities and national charities, which included work with several leading LGBT+ organisations. He is responsible for supporting the work of ODL trainers and Ambassadors and managing the ODL Training and Consultancy programme to help health and social care professionals improve the quality of care and support services for older LGBT+ people.

Sally Knocker

Sally Knocker facilitates the Opening Doors London monthly Rainbow Memory Cafe supporting people living with or concerned about dementia or caring for someone with dementia. She is also a consultant trainer with Dementia Care Matters, working internationally in culture-change programmes. She has published a range of papers on the needs of older LGBT+ people including the recent Age UK and Opening Doors London resource Safe To Be Me and the JRF paper Perspectives On Ageing; Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals.

Geoff Boyd

Geoff was an experienced social work manager, specialising in substance misuse, before joining Opening Doors London in 2012 as a volunteer and organising the ODL walking group for several years. In his role as an ODL Ambassador Geoff builds relationships and partnerships with the corporates, which help raise funds for service development. Geoff has also spoken at several ODL conferences and events and facilitates group-work sessions on current LGBT+ issues at ODL training workshops.

Annie Southerst

Annie is 67 and worked for many years in the NHS, mainly in mental health. She gave up full-time work to foster children and ended her career working for an LGBT+ homelessness charity. Currently involved with Opening Doors London as a trustee and an ODL Ambassador, Annie facilitates training workshop sessions and presents to corporate client sponsors. Other voluntary work has included providing information and support to callers to LGBT+ Switchboard. She lives with her civil partner in north London and has a lesbian daughter also in civil partnership, and two wonderful grandchildren.

Maggie Jones

Following  a successful career in nursing, Maggie is actively involved in Opening Doors London groups and activities. Since becoming an ODL Ambassador Maggie has led workshop discussions with dementia support workers and local residents, councillors and health and social professionals across London and the UK.

Jeffrey Pickering

Jeffrey's long career in health care began in the mid 1960s and ended at the end of 2010 when he took early retirement. Whilst working as a nurse, he developed an interest in cardiac diagnostics and embarked on a new career, training as a cardiac physiologist and gaining valuable people skills and financial managerial experience. He finds being an ODL Ambassador extremely rewarding and a role he would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.