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What if you could travel back in time, and in an instant transport to the other side of the globe?

Well, this is no longer just the stuff of science-fiction... This amazing web radio allows you to pick a country anywhere in the world (use the map) and pick any decade (use the white keys along the bottom) since 1900 and listen to tracks users have uploaded!

If you register (for free) you can even save playlists and favourites... Enjoy! Click on the title or the graphic above to be taken to the radio page... Enjoy those 80s and 90s tunes again, as if you were there!

Gay FM

Berlin based radio - music non-stop! Extraordinary playlists including pop, dance and r'n'b music. 24/7 - music non-stop!  


HOMOGROUND is an audio podcast featuring music by queer (identified & allied) bands/musicians. The podcast was created to bring exposure & access to queer bands, especially to those who live in isolated communities. We are building a network of queer musicians & music lovers.

LGBT Anthems?

Just for the fun of it, here is an 'LGBT anthems' playlist from YouTube 'Music Portal' channel.

Live Streaming and Stay at Home Festivals

Websites are appearing everywhere providing calendars of live-streaming gigs... here is anon-exhaustive list.

Who Needs Live

Stay at Home Festival

Brooklyn Vegan


Around the world, many classical music organisations have made their concert archives available for free online or are live streaming

The Metropolitan Opera – ‘Nightly Met Opera Streams’ - metopera.org

Berlin Philharmonic – ‘Digital Concert Hall’ - digitalconcerthall.com

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra – ‘Past Performances’ - facebook.com

London Symphony Orchestra – ‘Always Playing’ - lso.co.uk

London Philharmonic Orchestra – ‘LPOnline – Connecting Through Music’ - www.lpo.org.uk

The Philharmonia – ‘Digital Experience’ - philharmonia.co.uk

Bavarian State Opera – ‘Staatsopera TV’ - staatsoper.de/en/tv

Vienna State Opera – ‘Continues Daily Online’ - wiener-staatsoper.at

Detroit Symphony Orchestra – ‘DSO Replay’ - livefromorchestrahall.vhx.tv

Gothenberg Symphony Orchestra – ‘GSO Play’ - www.gso.se/en/gsoplay/

Budapest Festival Orchestra – ‘Quarantine Soirées’ - bfz.hu

Bergen Philharmonic – ‘Bergen Phil Live’bergenphillive.no

Living Room Live – ‘Live music streamed from musicians’ living rooms to yours’ - livingroom-live.com

Sage Gateshead – ‘Alternative Concert Experience’ - sagegateshead.com/

Stamford Symphony – ‘Stamford Symphony Channel’ - stamfordsymphony.org