Opening Doors London runs a Befriending Service for LGBT+ people aged 50 and over who are feeling isolated.

Living in London can become a lonely experience as you grow older, especially if you can’t get out and about as you used to. Having someone to spend time with and talk to can make all the difference.

The Befriending Service aims to reduce the stress of loneliness and isolation, increase peoples' confidence, and enable members to maintain their independence. The service matches a volunteer with an older person, for regular social contact. This could be to come along with you to social groups and community activities, go to exhibitions or events, or to visit you for a cup of tea and a chat.

The Opening Doors London Befriending Service operates in every London borough.

Befriending really changes lives.

"I’ve been housebound for 3 years. I’ve not had any companionship at all, not even like what you get when you get on a bus or go to a pub. Max my befriender came into my life from Opening Doors London Befriending Service [and] changed my life for the better... very much for the better" - David, 86


Here's what our Volunteer Befrienders have to say:

 "I am so grateful to Opening Doors London for giving me the opportunity to be a Volunteer Befriender. I initially got involved in order to give something back to the older LGBT+ community, as I am very much aware that without their struggle I would not have the free life I live today as an out gay man. I never realised how much I myself would get from befriending, it has been a wonderful experience"

"Just wanting to thank you so much for matching me with my befriendee. She is a really remarkable woman and a great inspiration. It's great that she lives just 5 minutes' bike ride away also. We have many laughs together and I've introduced her to some of my butch friends. She is rightly keen to share her remarkable story and that has happened in various forms. Thank you again for introducing me to this amazing woman."

"Just to tell you how important and valuable our work is, 27 January was his 90th birthday. He received one card (from the day centre) and I paid a surprise visit. Otherwise such a remarkable event would have gone completely unnoticed. This is what life is about for many older people. I cannot say how grateful I am for having been given this opportunity."



If you're interested in becoming a Volunteer Befriender or to find out more about the Befriending Service, please email [email protected] or call 020 7239 0400 for the Befriending Coordinator.