Join us for a special event with author Mike Parker who has written a beautiful and much praised book ‘On The Red Hill’ about gay life in rural Wales. Mike will share the book with members of ODL and do some readings from the book. More about the book below. There will be copies available to buy on the day.  

In early 2006, Mike and his partner Peredur were witnesses at the very first civil partnership ceremony in their local town, Machynlleth in mid-Wales. The celebrants were their friends Reg and George, who had met in war-torn London and moved to deepest rural Montgomeryshire in 1972, only a handful of years after the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

When Reg and George died within a few weeks of each other in 2011, Mike and Peredur discovered that they had been left their home: a whitewashed 'house from the children's stories', buried deep within the hills. They had also been left a lifetime's collection of diaries, photographs, letters and books that told an extraordinary history.

On the Red Hill is that story: of Rhiw Goch, 'the Red Hill', and its inhabitants, but also of a remarkable rural community and a legacy that extends far beyond bricks and mortar. Taking the four seasons, the four elements, the four directions and these four lives as his structure, Mike creates a lyrical but clear-eyed exploration of the natural world, the challenges of accepting one's place in it, and what it can mean to find home.

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